INAUGURATION (2017, 57 mins)

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Peter Flynn.


INAUGURATION is an intense, street-level account of the events surrounding the 2017 Presidential Inauguration culminating in the Women’s March on Washington. The film follows supporters and protestors of the 45th president (including filmmaker Michael Moore) through the streets of the US capitol, detailing the various confrontations, rallies, and marches taking place over that weekend.


INAUGURATION captures the chaos and excitement of this historic moment, offering a vivid portrait of America in crisis and a bracing, often joyous, celebration of civil disobedience. In the words of Michael Moore: “Welcome to the shitshow!”




Above: People gather in the streets on Washington DC on the eve of the Inauguration to debate the issues of a bitter, contentious election.


Above: Gay rights supporters clash with right-wing Christian groups on the day of the Women’s March.


Above: Supporters and detractors of the 45th President congregate at an anti-Trump concert on the night of the Inauguration.


Above: Pro-Life Activists, positioned in the middle the Women’s March route, are encircled by March organizers chanting “Love Trumps Hate.”