Viva Film!


VIVA FILM! (In-progress)

Peter Flynn: Producer/Director, Editor, Cinematographer.


VIVA FILM! is a feature documentary about private film collectors—passionate movie-lovers who devoted their lives to collecting and preserving film prints and cine-machinery. Sifting through attics, basements, dumpsters, and junkyards, they were dismissed as obsessives or targeted by the FBI as thieves and pirates. Yet their efforts saved countless cinematic treasures, consigned to oblivion by the indifferent studios, left forgotten to rot. VIVA FILM! explores this largely-unknown and rapidly vanishing subculture of cinephilia. In an era of 1s and 0s, it reminds us of the great beauty and romance of analog film.




Above: Ed Johnson on his collection of early sound-era Hollywood studio cameras.


Above: Geoff Curtis talks about the appeal of analog film at the CineSea Film Collectors Convention in Wildwood, NJ.


Above: Stu Fink at the CineSea Film Collectors Convention in Wildwood, NJ.


Above: Ira H. Gallen of talks about his efforts to save and digitize his vast collection of film.


Above: Stu Fink discusses the banning of fight films in the United States and the role played by collectors in saving that history.


Above: Lou DiCrescenzo and Jesse Crooks demonstrate an original Edison Projecting Kinetoscope from the mid-1890s.


Above: Lou DiCrescenzo examines titles from his vast collection of rare 35mm nitrate and Technicolor films.


Above: Rick Prelinger talks about home movies and the annual Lost Landscapes screenings at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.


Above: SF-based filmmaker and home movie collector, Ron Mark discusses the importance of preserving home movie history.


Above: Rick Malkames shoots with an original 1895 Cinematographe, one of the many historic cameras in the Malkames Collection.


Above: 16mm film collectors Jim Murray, Jack Polito, Joe Vannicola, Glenn Damato, and others gather at the Lansdowne Theatre in Lansdowne, PA, to reflect on their experiences as 16mm film collectors.


Above: Film print and cine-machinery collector Steven Krams removing items from the collection of Martin Hill, who passed away earlier this year.




Below: Ira Gallen overwhelmed by his film collection, which encompasses everything from features to shorts to cartoons to home movies to TV shows and commercials.


Below: Rick Malkames, curator of the Malkames Collection of cameras and other cine-machinery. The collection was built by his father Karl and grandfather Don.


Below: Steven Krams explores the immense collection of cameras, projectors, and studio lighting equipment amassed by Martin Hill.


Below: Ray Faiola and his 16mm film collection.